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When in Italy, do what the Italians do! And who better to show you than Italians or expats living in Italy.

My list of travel bloggers in Italy will point you to the top experts in popular cities and towns throughout Italy. Get insider advice and guidance for cities such as Roma, Florence, Venice, Milan, Pisa, Cinque Terra, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Siena, Sicily and more!

Immerse yourself in the culture, learn the country’s intriguing history, lose yourself among the many wonderful attractions, and of course, savour some of the finest cuisine and wines in the world thanks to these popular blogs on Italy.

View stunning scenes of Italian life, famous landmarks and historical sites as well as the beautiful food, wine, people, restaurants and cafes that make up this beautiful country.

Here’s my recommended list of the top travel bloggers in Italy. Visit their websites and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and more to get inspired for your next trip to Italy!

Let’s start in my home city of Florence…


Florence is the capital of Tuscany, a region of Italy that is widely considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

Florence is known for its rich history of Renaissance art, classical architecture, and magnificent monuments. Some of the most iconic art galleries and museums can be found in Florence such as thee Palazzo Pitti and the Uffizi Gallery. In 1982, UNESCO declared the Historic Centre of Florence a World Heritage Site.

If you are looking for the latest in fashion, you’re in the right place! Global Language Monitor included Florence in its list of Top 15 Fashion Capitals in the World.

Here are some of the top blogs on Florence…

Lost In Florence

Lost in Florence promises visitors exactly just that – to find yourself in uncharted territory. Instead of guiding you to the usual tourist spots, Lost In Florence will show you how to find the precious hidden gems of the city.

Spend a quiet evening in a nondescript, yet somehow, elegant wine bar. Enjoy a flavourful cup of Italian espresso at a quaint café. Experience the perfect Florentine meal at a boutique restaurant.

Nardia Plumridge created Lost in Florence in 2014 as the alternative resource for visitors who want Florence all to themselves.

Nardia is a journalist who spent her time in Florence looking for undiscovered treasures and found many amazing shop owners, artisans, and lodging options for the adventure-seeking traveller.

Her blogs have been featured in many highly-respected publications such as Newsweek, Forbes, Escape, The Florentine, Lonely Planet, Excellent!, Ciao Tutti, Whimn, and Blue Wings.

Since starting Lost In Florence 5 years ago, Nardia has built such a strong fan base that she decided to release a book version of her popular travel blog!

“Lost In Florence” the book was launched on 19 March 2019 and features more than 150 wonderful places to go to for dinner, wine, shopping, and entertainment.

Girl In Florence

Girl In Florence is an informative travel blog on the beautiful city of Florence by an American, Georgette Lupe-Pradier who simply introduces herself to readers as “Georgette”.

Originally from Texas, Georgette has made Florence her home for more than a decade. is her way of sharing her passions – travel, food, history, culture, and adventure.

Georgette is a valuable resource for Florence! Her blog blog posts will give you infallible suggestions on the best places to drink, dine, and dance as well as the attractions and activities that should be on the top of your itinerary.

She will also give you recommendations on hotels that meet your budget. Are you looking to shop or visit classic bookstores? Georgette has that covered too!

Girl In Florence is also a smart first stop before booking a ticket for Florence. She will give you helpful information on where to find transportation, pharmacies, post offices, and parking areas if you wish to tour the city on bike.

In addition to creating engaging content for her travel blog, Georgette also works as a digital marketing strategist and freelance writer. Her by-lines have been used in Lonely Planet, International Living, and Luxos Magazine.

Art Trav

ArtTrav is a travel blog that was started by Alexandra Korev in 2004. In her blog blog posts, Alexandra talks about the things that drew her into Italy and Europe – art, travel, and the laid-back lifestyle.

Alexandra devotes sections of her blog to Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Italy as a whole. She will give you advice on how to organize a fun-filled itinerary in Italy. You will know where to eat the best food, drink the finest wine, and visit the most fabulous places and for images that will garner the most “likes” in social media.

ArtTrav will tell you that there is more to Italy than just sightseeing and eating Spaghetti Carbonara. You can experience perfume-making at Sileno Cheloni, wine-tasting in Medici Villa or get into virtual reality at Ara Pacis.

Born in Canada, Alexandra permanently moved to Italy in 1999. She earned a doctorate degree in Renaissance Italian Art History from the University of Chicago and she hopes to apply her knowledge to further promote Italian art and culture to the rest of the world.

In addition to managing ArtTrav, Alexandra holds down a full-time job as Head of Digital at Flod which publishes the longest-running newspaper in Florence, The Florentine.

Too Much Tuscany

If you want to veer away from the usual tourist destinations and venture into the roads less travelled, Too Much Tuscany will let you know how to find the region’s hidden treasures.

Valentina Mario started Too Much Tuscany to share another side of Tuscany – what she calls the “Off Beaten Path”. For Valentina, it’s like the old saying but re-phrased as “When in Tuscany, do what the Tuscans do.”

She will tell you where to find the best coffee shops to have a cappuccino, read a book, and enjoy the place all to yourself.

Do you want to know how Chianti is made? Valentina shares her glorious experience at the Lilliano Winery. Pick grapes then see how they’re fermented before sampling a few bottles at the tasting bar.

Valentina will also tell you where you can savour authentic Florentine food – and it’s not in one of the expensive restaurants! Enjoy Florentine cuisine as the locals do which is at the food market.


Rome is the capital city of Italy as well as the Lazio region. With more than 4 million residents, Rome is the most populous city in Italy. It is also home to the Vatican which is considered an independent country. For this reason, Rome is sometimes called as the capital of two states!

Travellers consider Rome to be a must-visit for tourists because of the country’s rich history of art and culture. It is a treasure trove of museums such as the Vatican Museum, Musei Capitolini, and the Galleria Borghese.

Of course, there are the iconic tourist destinations that are often featured in films. The most popular sites include the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and the Catacombs. Rome ranks 3rd among the most visited countries in the European Union (EU) with an average of 10 million tourists every year.

Then there is the world-renowned Italian cuisine! A visit to Rome is not complete without taking a food journey through the best restaurants in Italy. Italian cuisine is not just pasta and pizza.

Traditional Roman cuisine includes wonderful dishes like the Saltimbocca alla Romana (veal), Carciofi alla Romana (artichokes), and Gnocci di Semolino alla Romana (semolina dumpling).

Here are some of the best blogs about Rome…

An American In Rome

An American in Rome is an intimate look into the city of Rome from the point-of-view of a writer from California named Natalie who made Italy her home since 2010.

Natalie takes you through the places that made her fall in love with Rome. From the restaurants, the coffee shops, the gelaterias to the finest shopping districts and the must-see attractions, Natalie’s recommendations may entice you to stay in Rome forever!

Her charming blog posts are packed with useful information that will greatly benefit the first-time and the experienced traveller. Natalie tells her readers that there is more to Rome than just the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Trevi Fountain.

Sure, you should see these iconic sites but there are other magnificent places to see which many tourists don’t know about.

She will also share her views on why biking is the way to go around Rome and how to cover the best art museums in one day. Natalie regularly updates her blog to include the must-do events every month.

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella is travel blog that was founded by Erica Firpo, a writer and digital marketer.

In Ciao Bella, Erica shares her adventures around the world but she gives Italy and Rome extra special attention.

Her blogs feature a wide variety of interesting topics for the reader. You will learn where to find the best menu for intestines. Erica will show you where to shop for the most elegant patterns for clothing.

Erica is an accomplished writer whose articles and advice have appeared in Forbes Travel, Travel + Leisure, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Afar, Fathom, and Meridian.

Erica has also created digital content for Italy’s Ministry of Culture, Patrons of the Vatican Museum, Alitalia, and Mastercard Italia. The respected publication La Repubblica recognized Erica as one of its Top 8 Digital Influencers in Italy.

Rome Wise

Rome Wise is an Italy travel blog that grew out of a boutique hotel business. The founder of Rome Wise is Elyssa Bernard, an American who went to Italy for a vacation, fell in love with a local Roman and eventually settled down in Rome to open a boutique hotel.

As the hotel business grew, Elyssa realized that the best part of her job was giving customers recommendations on the best restaurants to dine at, the must-see attractions, and tips on how to get around Rome.

It came to a point that the hotel’s website could no longer keep up with the influx of questions from tourists. Elyssa decided to start a travel blog site that was dedicated to showing tourists the best side of Rome.

Thus, Rome Wise was born!

Elyssa’s blogs are written from the heart. The places, events, and activities that she writes about are based on her experiences. She describes her approach to the blog like having a friend an Italy who can give you an “inside scoop on what to see, where to eat, where to sleep, and more!”

Revealed Rome

Revealed Rome is a travel blog on Rome and Italy that was started by journalist, television host, and photographer Amanda Ruggeri. Although Amanda has relocated from Rome, she continues to visit her beloved Italy 5 to 6 times a year.

After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in History from Yale University and completing her Master’s in International Studies at Cambridge University, Amanda worked as a political reporter for the U.S News & World Report. From there, she moved to Italy and settled down with her Italian husband.

Amanda created Revealed Rome as a source of valuable information for tourists who want to know the best way to experience a true Roman holiday. She blogs about the best places to eat, shop for fashion, find elegant furniture, and gives excellent tips on how to spend an evening in Rome.

If you’re looking for less crowded places, Amanda will let you in on her list of lesser known but equally fun and interesting sites to see while in Rome.

Aside from maintaining her popular blog, Amanda holds down a full-time job as the Senior Editor of the BBC Future and finds time to write for the BBC, Globe & Mail, National Geographic Traveller, AFAR, Travel & Leisure, Outside, Powder, and The New York Times.

Elizabeth Minchilli

Elizabeth Minchilli started writing about architecture and eventually ended up writing about food. And it should be of no surprise because Italy is just as popular for its cuisine as it is for its historical buildings and culture.

Elizabeth created her personal blog in 2009. From writing about 5-star restaurants in Italy, Elizabeth expanded her topics to include recipes and the recommendations on the best places to visit.

A publisher who thoroughly enjoyed her blog posts suggested that her content be condensed in book format. In 2015, the publisher helped Elizabeth put out her first book, “Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City”.

3 years later, Elizabeth released her second book, “Eating My Way Through Italy”. Elizabeth published her third book in 2019, “The Italian Table: Creative Festive Meals for Family and Friends”.

After establishing her career as a writer, Elizabeth started booking food tours on the website. The food tours have become very popular and quickly sell out. If you prefer to be with family and friends, Elizabeth is also available for private food tours.

Which Way to Rome

Which Way to Rome was started by Flavia Brunetti Proeitti, who now makes California her home but was born in Italy. She describes her blog posts as a notebook to the Eternal City; a depiction of her love story with the city and country she was born in.

Flavia gives her readers thoughtful recommendations on the best places to go if you are organizing a tour around Rome.

She provides helpful tips on how to find the hidden gems of Rome – the ones which are often overlooked in favour of the more popular tourist destinations. Flavia’s advice helps you plan your day trips or sample the best gelato in Rome.

Click on to “Travel & Other Adventures” and you will read articles that Flavia has written for the Elite Daily. If you want a more visual journey through Rome, click on “Pictures & Words” and you will land on Flavia’s Instagram page for amazing, breath-taking pictures of Italy.

Flavia has written for Devour Tours and has worked as a Rome Ambassador for Like a Local City Guide.


Venice is the capital of the Veneto region. It is known by the following names: “La Dominante”, “La Serenissima”, “City of Water”. “City of Masks”, and “Queen of the Adriatic”. The lagoon of Venice is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Venice was included in the list of Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world in 2017 and 2018.

If you love art and culture, Venice should be part of your itinerary in Italy. The city was considered the centre of art during the Renaissance period and is recognized for its contributions to the growth and development of Opera and symphonic music.

In addition to art and architecture, Venice is also known for its cuisine. When one thinks of Venetian cuisine, seafood comes to mind. But Venice is also known for its diverse menu that includes game, mainland rice, vegetables from the lagoon, and the popular polenta.

Here are some of the best blogs on Venice…

Monica Cesarato

Monica Cesarato was born to share experiences. She is a travel blogger, food blogger, cooking teacher, and event organiser. Monica was born in Venice and she created her personal blog in 2009 to share her love for her birthplace.

Her blog posts are a virtual tour of Venice. She will take you to Murano where you can witness the fine art of glassmaking. Monica will give you advice on the best books on Venice to read for inspiration to visit or to savor the romance after you visit. You will be kept updated on the latest events in the city that you don’t want to miss.

Of course, because her background is food, you will get to read up a lot of interesting articles about Venetian cuisine. Monica will take food tripping to another level by inviting you to sign up for one of her food tours.

Monica’s food tours around Venice are highly-anticipated and sell out fast. The tours have been featured in Lonely Planet as one of “Activities To Do In Venice For Food and Drink”.

In 2018, Monica’s food tour was awarded “Best Unique Experience in Veneto” from The Luxury Travel Guide. The food tours have received so many overwhelming positive reviews that in 2016, Monica received her “Certificate of Excellence” from Trip Advisor.


Milan is the capital of Lombardy and with more than 1.3 million people is the second most populous city in Italy. Milan has been described as an alpha global city because it has many thriving industries including art, entertainment, fashion, finance, and of course, tourism.

Italy’s stock exchange, the Borsa Italiana, is located in Milan. Likewise, Milan is regarded as the premiere hub for finance with many national and international companies having offices in the city.

If you love fashion, you will love Milan! The city is ranked among the top 4 fashion capitals in the world and hosts some of the most iconic shows in the industry such as Milan Fashion Week.

More than 8 million tourists arrive in Milan every year. Many of them head off to the magnificent museums which are home to some of the most precious treasures in the art world including those by Leonardo da Vinci.

Have you heard of Cotolleta alla Milanese, Casseoula, Ossobucco, Rissoto alla Milanese, and Busecca? These are examples of Milanese recipes that have been making inroads in the world of Italian cuisine.

Here are some of the best blogs on Milan…

Girl In Milan

Girl in Milan is a travel blog that was created by Helen Akinsiku when she moved to Italy from her native Nigeria in 2017. Before Milan, Helen briefly stayed in Palermo, Sicily for 7 months.

Helen’s blog posts are very insightful and will certainly help any tourist who wants to make the most out his stay in Milan. During her time at Palermo, Helen raved about the city’s beaches and cuisines. She does the same for Milan.

If you are interested in art but only have a few hours to spare, Helen will map out the best museums in Milan to put on your list.

And if you’ve fallen in love with the city and are thinking of moving to Milan, well, Helen can help you there as well! She will advise you on the best way to move around the city, get free parking, and give you useful tips on how to buy your first home in Milan.

Appsolutely Milano

Yanne Harrington Salomonsen and Karin Poulsen are the creative minds behind the delightful blog Appsolutely Milano.

The ladies have lived in Milano for more than 20 years. During the time, they have acquired the experience and wisdom to help tourists enjoy their stay in this beautiful city.

Appsolutely Milano’s blog posts are well-written and very informative. Yanne and Karin cover the basics of visiting a city for the first time: transportation, hotel bookings, dining, arts and culture, shopping, and finding out the latest events.

What makes Appsolutely Milano unique is that it is more than just a travel blog which gives information on where to go and eat.

Yanne and Karin also share their love for cooking and have included a recipe section that features versions of their favourite Milanese dishes. The duo’s recipes were initially posted only on their Facebook page. As the popularity grew, Yanne and Karin decided to devote an entire page to their delicious recipes.


Naples is the capital of the Campania region and is the third largest city and third biggest economy in Italy after Rome and Milan. One of its key areas is the Port of Naples.

The City Centre of Naples is where you will find many of Italy’s most important historical and cultural sites such as the Palace of Caserta, the Herculaneum, and the ruins of Pompeii. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to try traditional Italian pizza, Naples is the city to visit. The origins of everyone’s favourite open-faced pie have been traced to Neapolitan cuisine. Naples is a wonderful food city. It has the highest number of restaurants with Michelin stars in the country.

Soccer fans will have a field day in Naples. The city is home to popular soccer clubs such as Series A club and 2-time Italian champions S.S.C. Napoli.

Here are some of the best blogs on Naples…

Napoli Unplugged

Naples Unplugged is a travel blog that was started by Bonnie Alberta in 2010. Bonnie describes herself as an experienced traveller, a photographer, and a writer. Her passion for history, art, archaeology, and architecture drew her to Italy and eventually Naples.

Bonnie’s blogs are a testament to her love for Naples. In the 12 years that she lived in Naples, she took her trusty camera, pen and paper, and traversed the various places in the city and the entire Campania region.

Her blog posts are very informative. They are a valuable reference when planning your stay in the city. Naples is rich in history but Bonnie removes the guesswork by listing the must-see museums, churches, galleries, and architectural sites that should be on your itinerary.

Bonnie’s fondness of Neapolitan food is evident as she blogs extensively about the best restaurants to try in the city. She will tell you where to find the best pizza and how to get a reservation at the most popular restaurant in Naples.

The website became a favourite destination of travellers that Bonnie had to enlist the help of 3 other Napoliphiles who are also writers. With Barbara Zaragoza and Penny Ewles-Bergeron, and Erin Romano, Bonnie created and published the award winning book, Napoli Unplugged: Guide to Naples.

Girl From Naples

Unlike most travellers who created a blog after moving into the city, Claudia Cardillo created Girl From Naples, after moving out of the city and into London.

For Claudia, the travel blog is proof that even though she has made London her home, in her heart she will forever be the Girl From Naples.

Claudia also started the blog as a way of promoting her birth place. She wanted to write about its beauty and highlight the city’s wonderful culture and rich history. Her blogs are written from the perspective of someone who spent most of her life as a Napoliphile.

Claudia writes about the best places to see – the churches, museums, architecture, attractions, and restaurants. She will also give you tips on how to travel around the city and give you unique insights on its culture.

Bookmark the website on your smartphone. It has a dictionary that should help you converse with some of the locals if you are looking for something or someplace.