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About Me

I created as a way to share the diversity, culture and natural beauty that Italy has to offer.

Whether you’re visiting for a short time, staying for a few months or live in Italy, this site offers you information, inspiration and appreciation of Italy… from mountains to beaches, museums to monuments, food to fashion and everything in between.

I’m Matt, a digital nomad from Australia. I arrived in Italy in May 2019 and I’m discovering new streets, foods, wines, museums, artwork, hand crafted goods, nature trails and other amazing experiences almost on a daily basis.

Having taken thousands of photos in my first few months in Italy, I decide that the best thing to do with them is share them with the world.

Through the images I’ll be adding to the website as well as to Facebook and Instagram, I hope to add a touch of anticipation, interest and excitement for you to visit Italy sometime (or perhaps re-visit).

The romance of Italy is communicated through many mediums, but perhaps mostly through classic movies such as La Dolce Vita and Roman Holiday as well as modern movies such as Under The Tuscan Sun, Eat Pray Love, The Tourist, and many more.

They’re a great way to enjoy a short escape to Italy, even if it’s for an hour or so. And they’re sure to inspire you to step foot in Italy in the near future.

In addition to classic and contemporary movies, Italy features regularly in travel shows, cooking shows, travel magazines and blogs as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

A few of my personal favourites were found on YouTube, which I watched for six months prior to arriving in Italy. These are passionate experts Gino Di Campo (a celebrity Italian chef and author) and American travel guru Rick Steves.

Myself on the other hand, am by no means an expert on Italy, I’m just passionate about its beauty, diversity, culture, food, art, wine and lifestyle. And being based in Florence, Tuscany, I have the privilege of being centrally located which allows me to explore Italy within a few hours by train in any direction.

While Florence will feature highly in the photos I’ll be publishing, I’ll also be sharing images of cities and towns throughout Italy as I explore.

I first visited Italy in 2012 while on a European holiday that took me through Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris, Frankfurt, then on to Rome, Florence and Pisa.

Now I’m back to see more, do more and experience more of what Italy has to offer. So sit back and enjoy the ride, add a comment or two and perhaps we’ll even bump into each other sometime?